Electronic documents are preferred in Microsoft Word format or PDF and can be submitted to info@vineandbranchesfoundation.org. Receipt of full proposals will be acknowledged within 7 days by e-mail or telephone. If you do not hear from us, please call.

Proposal styles vary and can be discussed with an advisor. An organization may have a format/style it prefers, or a question and answer form can be provided. Using the letter of inquiry as the basis, add supporting detail for up to 6 pages, including expected measurable results.

Include these attachments, in this order::

  • A completed LIFECYCLE Stage Self-Assessment page
  • Current list of board of directors
  • Statement of faith
  • Financial information:
    • Year-to-date balance sheet and statement of revenues and expenses (P&L) reviewed by your board of directors. (For spring applications, provide statements as of 12/31.)
    • Summary (major categories only) of total annual operational budget for the current fiscal year, including revenues and expenses. This includes all programs and operations. For fall applications, also provide the next year’s budget.)
    • Summary (major categories only) of total project budget relating to the funds requested.
  • Full contact information for the proposal and for grant payment if approved
  • Brief (1-3 min) supplemental videos and electronic annual reports may also be submitted to support your proposal.
  • Submit in a separate document/s:
    • Most recent audited financial statement. If the organization’s financial statement is not audited, please submit an internally prepared financial statement, reviewed by your board of directors, for the organization’s most recent completed fiscal year.
    • Copy of IRS tax exemption ruling letter or federal EIN

Please keep in mind all grants awarded by the Foundation are to remain anonymous and the Foundation’s name cannot be used without permission.